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gambling-vault : Prospect of gambling coming to A.C. impacts Staten Island

gambling-vault : Staten Iceland is the feeling that if the impact of recent Delaware legalize sports betting gambling survives court challenges, and if efforts are successful, similar to betting gambling on Atlantic City casinos. There is no movement in the swing against sports betting gambling in New York State, the hinterland with the Indian gambling casinos on reservations and slot machines at horse racing around eight tracks, including Yonkers Raceway.

But if New Jersey politicians can overturn the federal ban on sports betting gambling, District residents could be the two-plus-hour trip to Atlantic City to plunk around $ 50 at the Super Bowl, the NCAA college basketball tournament, or even at this day the Yankees - Orioles game.

"If you do not have gambling and the people want to do it, they migrate," said Jonathan Peters, a professor of finance at the College of Staten Iceland in Willow Brook. "It would be the betting gambling options available."

Prosecutor Daniel Donovan is not enthusiastic about this prospect.

"It could be a new group of players," he warned. "People involved in their [office] Super Bowl pools, you can say:" Would not it be more interesting to place a bet on the game? "This newly created player can press the [end] to the customers of illegal sports betting gambling" on Staten Iceland.

Earlier this spring, Delaware legalized sports betting gambling and table gambling games.

Delaware is one of four states - Montana, Nevada and Oregon are the others - the forms of sports betting gambling grandfathered under a 1992 federal law prohibiting sports wagering nationally.

Delaware officials predict that an additional $ 55 million in annual revenue for the state treasury if the sports betting gambling plan proceeds. Sports betting would be allowed only if they are on the state of the three racinos (racetracks and casinos) - Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway.

The nation of the four major professional sports leagues - Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and National Hockey League - against the movement, joy broad legalized betting could create incentives to cheat on games and sets.

The four pro leagues with the NCAA action in Delaware federal court 24th July in an attempt to block the plan.

The sports betting gambling market is lucrative. An estimated $ 380 billion per year is illegal gambling to play sports. About $ 90 million is bet on the Super Bowl alone.

Hope for a piece of cake bets - and prevent threats to the nation's second largest gambling gaming market in Nevada - New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, Trenton action in federal court in March to federal sports - betting ban. Jon Corzine supports the government campaign.

The main beneficiaries would be Atlantic City, a convenient weekend for Staten Islanders.

Every day hundreds of community residents will board buses that in the South Jersey gambling casinos. Most are seniors, the gambling slot machines and gaming gambling tables, said Laura Cagnetta, Sales Manager for the Port Richmond-based Atlantic Express, buses, the seven days a week to Atlantic City.

On the basis of this clientele, they need not have an uptick in numbers of passengers to Atlantic City, where sports betting gambling is legalized.

"It could help a charter [bus] company," said Mrs. Cagnetta, and added that bars or other groups could sponsor New Jersey junkets to wager on big games.

The assumption that the model applies Nevada - Sportsbetting comprises only 1.2 percent of state gaming gambling revenues - Peters, professor of CSI, said Staten Islanders are not likely to flock to Delaware or Atlantic City in droves.

But they could be the tip of the 100 miles or so south to the definition of a little money for big sports events like the Super Bowl, World Series and NCAA Final Four tournament.
"It could serve as a catalyst at certain times of the year, but I do not think it would have enormous impact," he said.

Donovan, the prosecutor, said legalized gambling will never eliminate illegal gambling betting.

For one thing, bookmakers offer better rates than the state. And in many cases, it is convenient to use with the local bookmakers as travel to a legitimate institution.

For these and other reasons, the prosecutor does not think legalized out-of-state would impact illegal sports betting bets here. Illicit gambling on Staten Iceland is not a major problem, the "no more or less than it in every community in America," he said.

But Donovan expressed concern that legalized sports wagering could be the equivalent of the biblical Apple tries to make the Adam in the Garden of Eden.

"Gambling is an addiction, like drugs and alcohol," he said. "It could be a larger universe of potential customers for Bookies."- gambling-vault


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