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Governor of Massachusetts largely on a platform that involved expanded casino gambling

Governor Duval Patrick ran his campaign for governor of Massachusetts is essentially a platform on which to expand casino games. The people in the State had Patrick in office, but he has yet to convince the legislature that its casino would be good for the state.

Most of his efforts in the past year, and the economy are not yet at the low point that this year has seen. Now there is a renewed push for casino gambling in Massachusetts, and it is led by the operators of the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

The Mohegan Sun planning to open an office in downtown Palmer on Main Street. The purpose of the Office, relationships with the public. They will try to start the public support for a casino in Western Mass.

"We believe that when games introduced to the community, we would be able to enter the market as the best gaming company known on the East Coast," said Jeff Hartmann, chief executive of Mohegan Sun, "We are introducing us into the community. "

The people of Massachusetts could be susceptible to casino gambling and the opportunities that it presents. Job loss is a major problem in the state because of the recession, and casinos could be the much-needed jobs.

One thing that has been in favor of gambling proponents, the removal of former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, which is strongly opposed to the casino expansion. The new Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo, is in favor of casino gambling.


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