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Video slot gambling is a big business

Video slot gambling is a big business on the US. Whether legal of not, the gambling is taking place in bars all across the country. Minnesota Senator Chuck Wiger wants his state to use that to their advantage.Wiger has proposed a Bill that would legalize video slot machines at bars in Minnesota. The move would be a way to boost an education system in the state that is desperately in need of financing.

Wiger knows the battle that is ahead for the Bill. He has received phone calls from people that are both in favor and against his proposal. He hopes to convince his peers that the Bill would do more good than harm. There has been some discussion that if the Bill is passed, there needs to be money put aside to help educate people on the dangers of problem gambling. Wiger has not opposed that notion.

The Bill has outlined where the additional revenue will go. Higher education would receive some of the funds, and scholarships for students who maintain a "B" average is also part of the proposal. Early education grades K-12 would become a beneficiary as well.

Currently there are 3,200 bars in Minnesota. If the plan was enacted for the video gambling machines, it is estimated that over $1 billion a year could be generated in revenue.


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