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NBA Gambling Scandal Continues

After NBA referee Tim Donaghy was arrested on suspicions of gambling involvement in games he officiated, Commissioner David Stern demanded a full investigation, which promptly asserted that all other refs were sterling, and that Donaghy was, in Stern's words, a "rogue, isolated criminal."

Looks like Stern's conclusion may have been more desperate public relations ploy rather than thorough investigation analysis. Court records reveal that Donaghy made 134 calls to another ref during the time period he was providing gambling information to bookies.

Official Scott Foster was the recipient of the calls, which all took place either directly before or after Donaghy conversations with Thomas Martino, Donaghy's gambling connection. The calls almost all occurred either immediately preceding or following a game, and were short.

The calls took place from October of 2006 to April of 2007. During that same period, Donaghy placed no more than thirteen calls to any other referee.

Investigators also found the calls were all made from a phone Donaghy primarily used for his gambling activities, and the calls ceased when Donaghy's gambling was curtailed.

The league continues to stonewall, denying any connection between Foster and gambling, and continuing to push the "lone gunman' theory for Donaghy. Yet the evidence cries for further investigation, starting with Foster's finances.

After years of carefully grooming and growing the NBA, David Stern's downfall may be his arrogance and unilateral control of the league; two things that served him well in years past.


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